Instruction Services

At the Jim McLean Golf School at Green Valley Ranch, we are committed to helping you acheive your golf playing goals. Many different individual lesson packages are available to fit your needs. We can also customize a lesson package tailored to your goals for your golf game. We have a strong group of instructors who have wide and varied backgrounds in golf instruction and playing skills.

Our goal is to find an instructor who meshes with your personality so you get the most out of your lessons and acheive your goals faster. All areas of the game of golf will be covered during the lessons depending on what areas of need are identified by you and your instructor. Our goal for you is to help you become a well rounded golfer and not just a golfer with a better golf swing. The lesson plan that is established by your instructor will help you play better golf and lower your scores. Whether you play for fun, work, or competitively we can help you become the golfer you always wanted to be. Contact Keith Rogers at 303.880.2222 or for more information.

Adult Private and Group Lessons

At the Jim McLean Golf School at Green Valley Ranch, we believe in fitting the swing to the golfer. We look at each student individually to tailor a custom lesson plan to improve your game. We will cover the areas of your game where you can save the most strokes. The goal is to get you playing better golf in a shorter amount of time. Areas which may be covered include full swing, short game, sand shots, putting, uneven lies, and on course playing lessons. We want to help you have more confidence and consistency with your game so you enjoy playing golf more. Whether you play for fun with friends, for work, or competitively we can help you reach your goals. Green Valley Ranch has a private lesson tee, dedicated short game and putting greens, and access to the par 3 or championship golf course to help improve your game. If you do not see a package to fit your needs, please call or email us and we can design a package for you.  Group Lessons are also available for those who wish to learn with a friend.


Junior Private and Group Lessons

The Jim McLean Golf School at Green Valley Ranch is pleased to announce special rates for junior golfers. We are excited to help your junior golfer reach their golf goals by creating an individualized program to fit their needs. We can help them become a more competitive golfer or just have more fun playing golf. Every golfer is unique and we approach each student in this fashion. Our mission is to fit the swing and the lesson plan to the student and the student to the swing. The main reason to take golf lessons is to become a better golfer, not just have a better golf swing. Each student will receive top notch instruction in our year round, high tech academy with video analysis. We have a private lesson tee and dedicated chipping and putting greens to work on every aspect of your game. All lesson packages can also include on course lessons to learn the proper etiquette and rules of the game as well as applying the skills learned during your lessons.

Playing Lessons

Play With a Pro at Green Valley Ranch

Play with professionals who have competed on the PGA, LPGA, and Tours! Don’t miss the opportunity to measure your game against some of the best players in Colorado! Whether you’re hosting business associates, looking for a playing lesson, or you just want to see how you stack up, playing with a pro is a great chance to see how the game is played. Our instructors look forward to playing with you on the championship golf course at Green Valley Ranch!

(Greens’ fees and carts are included in the price)

Corporate Clinics

Looking for that perfect outing for your team and clients? This is a great team building opportunity and a chance to provide a great retreat. If you’re looking for a new place to host a meeting and are looking to have a little fun afterwads, these corporate events are built for your group. All levels of player, from beginner to expert, are welcome and will have fun during the outing. During your corporate clinic at GVRGA we offer:

  • On site catering
  • Conference room with seating for 50 people and A/V capability
  • Multiple stations with putting, chipping, and full swing work
  • Par 3 Course play
  • Emailed individual golf lesson to each participant

1 hr clinic: $40 per person

1hr 45min clinic: $60 per person

Contact Keith Rogers at 303.880.2222 to schedule your corporate clinic today!